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The Computer Shop Will Be Moving Soon!

Where we put God first in all things, giving Him the glory and honor He is due!  For without Him none of this would have been possible! - from Riech D. Cruz ("The Computer Lady!")
The Computer Shop is moving to new location on College

The shop will be moving soon to 2572 College Street, which is next door to Carlito's Mexican Restaurant and Katy's Video, and across from Debb's Liquor.  Our phone number will be the same: 409-839-8404 and the fax number is still 409-767-7010.  We hope to see you at the new location soon!

Step-by-Step as The Lord orders

I speak to a lot of people about opening a new business and sometimes the people feel overwhelmed by the amount of things that they have to do to move or to open a new business.  I counsel people to do like we do, we ask the Lord to order our steps and let His Will be done.  We ask if something is of Him that the door would be open and if it is not, that the door would be closed!  When He opens a door, there is no one who can close it and when He closes a door, there is no one that can open it!

The Computer Shop is moving!

Stay tuned here for up to date info on the move and other testimonies!

If you want to receive an email or text message when the move takes place, please fill out the form below and we will contact you when we move.  Also be sure to share this with your friends on Facebook!  Thanks!

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Phone: (409) 839-8404
1735 College St
Beaumont, TX 77701

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