"But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God." 1 Cor. 11:3

$40 Computer Repair and FREE check-ups! We are located a few blocks from Downtown Beaumont!

New and Used Laptops and Desktops Coming Soon!  Starting at $100!

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Hatred for people is not of God!  We hate the evil spirit!  We hate the evil ways!  We have hatred for all that is evil!  There is nothing that is written that can justify anyone in hating another person!  Don't be given to hating, while thinking you are approved of by God!  The Lord Jesus gave a commandment to love your enemies, and to pray for them!  Don't let anyone pull you into agreeing with them in hating someone.  You must remember what the Lord commanded you to do; and, see to it that you obey Him, and not those who want you to hate like they do!  The Lord Jesus Christ is your Savior!  Don't laugh at people because those around you are laughing at them!  You make your own choice about whom you will seek to please!  Please the Lord by standing by what He commanded you!  You don't need those kinds of people as friends!  These are those who will be set on fire of Hell, in the first place!  You don't need to be accepted by those in the devil's camp; and, they are many!  The Lord will give you true friends when you reject the friendship of the wicked!  Amen!




Testimonies of a wife and a mother, who works from home! This is how I function in the Lord!


by Riech D. Cruz


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The Computer Shop - 1735 College Street, Beaumont, TX 77701 - Computer SalesNew custom built Computers for sale.

Ranging in prices from $350 and up! Windows 7 and Windows 8 available!



Computer Repair Help 1735 College Street, Beaumont, TX 77701COMPUTER questions Frequently Asked Questions


Most commonly asked questions by customers answered here.  Or submit a new question that will be answered via email.

Free Downloads The Computer Shop  1735 College Street, Beaumont, TX 77701

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Free Software Downloads!

Online Bible, New Word Processing Programs,Sound Recording and Mixing Programs, DVD Burning Software and much more!

Always Free Estimates!


Welcome To The Computer Shop! Here, we specialize in high quality and low cost Computer and Laptop Repair! Our average rate to fix a computer or laptop is only $40! We have FREE diagnostics, so you can bring it in any time for us to check it and let you know what is wrong!
Have questions? Give us a call! 409-839-8404!


Or TEXT us at 409-454-1260 (this number only receives text messages)! We would love to hear from you!

We are open Monday through Saturday from 9-5!
We are located at 1735 College Street, a few blocks from downtown Beaumont, close to MLK and Elena's Mexican Restaurant!

We are open EVERY HOLIDAY! We are only closed on Sundays!


Incoming or outgoing Faxes! Local or long distance!

International Outgoing Faxes only $1.00


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Free KINGSOFT OFFICE Download link

This program works just like Microsoft Office! Word, Power Point and Excel versions are all included! Saves in DOCX format also!  Great for students, who need to use Microsoft Office to turn in their class assignments!  100% Free! 


An office suite of desktop applications, Kingsoft Office consists of a word processor - Writer, a spreadsheet program - Spreadsheets and a presentation program - Presentation. Compared with other office suites, Kingsoft Office is regarded as one of the best office applications with user-friendly interfaces and excellent performance.

In addition to innovative features in the last version such as a built-in PDF creator, the latest version has added various new features, allowing you to switch between the 2013 and classical interfaces, adjust your paragraph formatting and table dimensions with drag and drop, save files as more formats (such as .docx, .docm, .xlsx and .xlsm) and insert a movie or background sound into a PPT slide. Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 will not only enable you to fulfill data analyzing needs in business, but to turn your innovative ideas into illustrative documents or presentations.

Download now for free!

 Brand New Windows 7 Computer only $350


Intel Pentium G2130 3.2 GHz Dual Core Processor

Windows 7 Home Premium

1 TB Hard Drive Western Digital

ASUS 24x DVD Burner


MSI H61M Motherboard with 6 USB ports/ VGA/ DVI/ 2 PS2 ports and more


Preloaded with programs to get you straight to work!  Online Bible, DVD FAB, DVD Shrink, 1 year subscription to Kaspersky Internet Security, Full Version Malwarebytes, Nero CD and DVD burner Software, Audacity Music and Sound Recorder, Cyberlink Power DVD, Microsoft Works, Kingsoft Office 2013 and much more!


Full One Year Warranty on parts!  (Does not include intentional misuse or viruses, but parts and labor!) 




Pure, local honey from Southeast Texas! Southern Gold Honey now sold in our shop, at amazingly low prices!  We have different sizes the prices start at as low as $5.  Do you use a lot of honey? Then the Gallon Size might be ideal for you!  Only $25 a gallon! Stop by and pick up yours today!

  • Sm. 16 oz plastic bottle of honey- $6
  • Sm. 9 oz. tea cup of honey with saucer $5
  • Sm. 12 oz. glass jar of honey- $5
  • 20 oz. Mason Jar of honey - $7
  • 2lb plastic bottle of honey - $7
  • 16 oz. boot shaped bottle of honey - $7
  • Lg.44 oz glass jar of honey $10
  • 1 gallon of honey in plastic jug $28

Brand New azza armour 203 computer cases $54


Click picture to view more details!

New Items For Sale!








$40 EACH!


Original Laptop Chargers

(with one year warranty!)

  These are original laptop chargers that are made for your exact model laptop, these are not the generic replacement chargers. Why buy a universal charger for $80-$90 at other places, when you can get an original charger for 50% off! Laptop Chargers only $40 each!


Buy one today!




Computer Repair Shop in Beaumont, Texas click here

Why pay high prices to have your computer repaired? Most repairs are only $40!

Some Services We Provide

  • Virus Removal - $40.00
  • Computer Restore - $40.00
  • Data Recovery - $40.00
  • Laptop Screen Replacement $40 plus cost of screen
  • Copy Service 10¢
  • Data Backup - $25.00.
  • Hardware Installation - $20.00
  • Software Installation - $20.00
  • FAX service 25¢
  • Data Transfer to new PC - $40
  • Typing Per Page - $10
  • Business Cards and Flyers
  • Password Removal - $40

Important Information - by Riech D. Cruz


Send me a text message at 409-454-1260! (this number ONLY receives text messages) But if you have a question and want to speak to someone, please call the main line! Our number is 409-839-8404!

By -Riech D. Cruz


We frequently update this site with new specials or new information, so please check back soon!

By -Riech D. Cruz

For Sale

In this portion we will be adding things for sale and links to other pages on this site, as they become available.

BLOW OFF Compressed Air $5

Blow Off Duster Compressed Air At The Computer Shop in Beaumont, TexasKeep your computer clean from dust, dirt and other debris that can cause it to overheat and shut off, or burn out the processor! Computer and laptops vents must always be clear, so that they get proper ventilation and can "breathe!" Only $5!

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Electronic Cleaning Wipes - $5 each

Computer Screen Wipes Electronic Wipes to clean a computer

Pull up wipes, just use as you need to, to clean any electronic glass surface to a brilliant shine! Removes finger prints, dirt, grease, marks and much more. Can be used on laptop screens, TVs, iPads, iPhones, Smart Phones, etc.

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Azza Toledo Computer Case $64.00

Azza Toledo Computer Case

Click on picture to view full details of this case.







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Azza Armour 203 Computer Case $54.00

Click on picture to view full details of this case.







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a few blocks from Downtown Beaumont!


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