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Where we put God first in all things, giving Him the glory and honor He is due! For without Him none of this would have been possible! - from Riech D. Cruz ("The Computer Lady!")

Compuiter Repair at The Computer Shop in Beaumont

Computer Repair does not have to cost a fortune!
At The Computer Shop, we specialize in high quality, low cost, FAST Computer and Laptop Repair!
Our average rate to fix any computer or laptop is only $45! We offer FREE diagnostics, so you can bring it in any time and we will check it and let you know what is wrong before any work is done! Are you a student or a business owner and you need your computer back right away? 

We offer FREE next day service, at no additional charge!

Just ask for it!

iPad Screen replacement at The Computer Shop in Beaumont, TX

iPad Screen Repair

Cracked screen or broken screens are no problem for us at The Computer Shop.  Stop by and get a free estimate.  Most repairs are $100. 

Vinyl signs, decals and T-shirts by The Computer Shop

Vinyl Decals and Signs

We make vinyl decals for your windows or vehicles.  We also make signs, banners, and t-shirts.  Call or text 409-454-1260

The Computer Shop - 2572 College St, Beaumont, TX 77701

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Have any questions? Give us a call! We would love to hear from you!

We are open Monday through Friday from 9-5!

We are only closed on Saturdays and Sundays!
So call today!

From Riech Cruz...

aka "The Computer Lady"

I just wanted to say to all of our loyal customers, family and friends that I was away from The Computer Shop for a very long time, but I am back again!  I will be the "FACE," of the shop, meaning, it will be the way that it was before, with me, greeting you at the door and taking care of all of your computer needs! I loved every minute I had with each and every one of you and look forward to seeing you once again, back at the shop. If you need Faxes, Copies, Computer Repair, Website Design, or just a friend to talk to... you know I am here!  

Computer Repair Shop in Beaumont, Texas

Why pay high prices to have your computer repaired? Most repairs are only $45!

iPad Screen Repair in Beaumont, TX

$45 Computer Repair
Yes, we work on Macs!

Virus Removal - $45.00
Computer Restore - $45.00
Data Recovery - $45.00
Laptop Screen Replacement - $40 plus cost of screen
iPad Screens - $100+
Data Backup - $40.00
Hardware Installs - $15- $25
Software Installation - $25.00
Data Transfer to new PC - $40
Password Removal - $40
Dust/Dirt Removal - $25
Laptop Hinge Repair - $25+

Website Designer in Beaumont TX

Website Designer
Let Us Help Your Business!

Get a beautiful and unique website, with a Facebook Page, Google Page, Bing Business Page, and a YouTube Video Commercial all for $125 plus $40 a year to host Online! Call 409-454-1260 to get started! No more monthly charges! One Time Fee!
No upfront Costs!
Website Designs $125 and up
Logo Designs $25 and up
Business Cards $55 and up
Flyers $10 and up

Southern Gold Honey - Local Honey for sale

Southern Gold Honey  
Local Honey for Sale

We have the absolute lowest prices in all of Texas, for Southern Gold 100% pure local wildflower honey! You cannot get a lower price anywhere for this delicious and pure honey. Local honey is good for so many things. Use it for allergies, facials, or used with other natural ingredients for high blood pressure and other ailments. $5-$30!

Refurbished Used Laptops for sale at The Computer Shop

Refurbished Laptops

Most laptops start at $150 and they are completely upgraded, fully functional and ready to get to work! We sell Toshiba Laptops, HP Laptops, Dell, Asus, Gateway, Compaq and more! Stop by or call 409-454-1260, to see what is available!

Vinyl Decals, Vinyl Stickers, T-shirts and more by The Computer Shop

Vinyl Signs and Tshirts

We make Vinyl Decals for your cars and trucks, Vinyl Stickers, Custom made T-shirts and more by The Computer Shop.  
Decals $5.00 - $10.00
Tshirts $15.00-$20.00

Original Laptop Chargers for sale in Beaumont Texas at The Computer Shop

Original Laptop Chargers - $40

We sell only original laptop chargers, not universal or generic brands! All of our chargers come with a full one year warranty. The chargers that we sell are the original chargers that come with laptop. We will help you match up the right charger to your laptop! Cost of the chargers are only $40. We sell Sony Chargers, HP Chargers, Compaq Chargers, Toshiba Chargers, Acer Chargers, Dell Chargers and more.

2572 College St. 
Beaumont, TX 77701

We are 3 blocks from College and 4th Street.
Next door to Carlito's Mexican Restaurant and Katy's Video.
Across from Debb's Liquour.

Inspirational Message:

Hatred for people is not of God! We hate the evil spirit! We hate the evil ways! We have hatred for all that is evil! There is nothing that is written that can justify anyone in hating another person! Don't be given to hating, while thinking you are approved of by God! The Lord Jesus gave a commandment to love your enemies, and to pray for them! Don't let anyone pull you into agreeing with them in hating someone. You must remember what the Lord commanded you to do; and, see to it that you obey Him, and not those who want you to hate like they do! The Lord Jesus Christ is your Savior! Don't laugh at people because those around you are laughing at them! You make your own choice about whom you will seek to please! Please the Lord by standing by what He commanded you! You don't need those kinds of people as friends! These are those who will be set on fire of Hell, in the first place! You don't need to be accepted by those in the devil's camp; and, they are many! The Lord will give you true friends when you reject the friendship of the wicked! Amen!


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