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Welcome To The Computer Shop

Where we put God first in all things, giving Him the glory and honor He is due!  For without Him none of this would have been possible! - from Riech D. Cruz ("The Computer Lady!")

Computer Repair does not have to cost a fortune! At The Computer Shop, we specialize in high quality, low cost, FAST Computer and Laptop Repair! Our average rate to fix any computer or laptop is only $45!  We offer FREE diagnostics, so you can bring it in any time  and we will check it and let you know what is wrong before any work is done!  Are you a student or a business owner and you need your computer back right away? We offer FREE next day service, at no additional charge!  Just ask for it! 

Laptops For Sale - The Computer Shop - Beaumont, TX - The Computer Lady

We're so glad that you chose us!  Did you like our services?  We would really appreciate if you would leave us a review to let others know how we did!  Thank you!

The Computer Shop is moving to new location on College

The Computer Shop has MOVED

As of March 1, 2018, The Computer Shop moved to 2572 College Street, which is next door to Carlito's Mexican Restaurant and Katy's Video, and across from Debb's Liquor.  Our phone number is the same: 409-839-8404 and the fax number is still 409-767-7010.  We hope to see you at the new location soon!

New IBM Lenovo Laptops for Sale at The Computer Shop

It's the familiar feel of Windows, only improved. The Start menu is back, better than ever – expand it, customize it, make it yours. Work with more of the devices you care about, like printers, cameras, USBs, and more. And enjoy additional security features that help to safeguard you against device theft and malicious software.

New Laptops for Sale at The Computer Shop
New Laptops for Sale at The Computer Shop $300

AMD A6-7310 Processor (2GHz 2MB)
Operating System
Windows 10 Home
AMD Integrated Graphics
0.3 MP with Analog Microphone
4GB DDR3L 1600 MHz

New IBM Lenovo - 1 year Warranty

The Computer Shop - Beaumont, TX

Have any questions? Give us a call! 409-839-8404, or you can text us at 409-454-1260! We would love to hear from you!

We are open Monday through Friday from 9-5, and Saturday from 9-12!
We are located a few blocks from downtown Beaumont, close to MLK and Elena's Mexican Restaurant! Adress: 1735 College & Ave D, Beaumont, TX 77701
We are open EVERY HOLIDAY! We are only closed on Sundays! So stop by today!

Messages From God

Receive help from the Lord!  The Answeres to all of your questions and problems can be answered here.  This is what has helped me and changed my life.  

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We are COCOA

Computer Repair Shop in Beaumont, Texas

Why pay high prices to have your computer repaired? Most repairs are only $40!
Apple and Mac Repair Shop

$45 Computer Repair

Yes, we work on Macs, too!

Virus Removal - $45.00
Computer Restore - $45.00
Data Recovery - $45.00
Laptop Screen Replacement $40 plus cost of screen
Data Backup - $40.00
Hardware Installation - $15- $25
Software Installation - $25.00
Data Transfer to new PC - $40
Password Removal - $40
Inside Dust/Dirt Removal $25
Laptop Hinge Repair $25 and up

Lowest Cost Fax Service In Beaumont

Lowest Price FAX Service in Beaumont

Send or Receive Faxes for 25 cents a page

Need to send a fax?  Stop by and let us send it for you! Only 25 cents per page?

Need to receive a fax?  Don't got buy a fax machine or get a fax line!   Give out our FAX number 409-767-7010 and then pick up your faxes at our office!  Cost of receiving a fax is only 25 cents per page!

Copy Service 10¢
FAX service 25¢
Color Copies 50¢
Typing Per Page - $15

Website Designer

Expensive Websites are a Thing of the Past!

Get a beautiful and unique website, with a Facebook Page, Google Page, Yellowpage Page, and a YouTube Video Commercial all for $100 plus $40 a year to host Online! Call 409-454-1260 to get started!
No more monthly charges!  One Time Fee!
No upfront Costs! 
Website Designs $100 and up
Logo Designs $25 and up
Business Cards $55 and up
Flyers $10 and up

Let us help you and your business!

409-839-8404 or 409-767-7010

New and Used Laptops for Sale

Refurbished Used Laptops

All with 1 year warranties!

We stand behind everything we sell and all the work that we do!  Our belief is to treat all people as we would like to be treated!  We understand how important trust is and getting the best deal for your money!  That is why we strive to be the best in what we do, offering you the best laptops for the lowest price imaginable!  Most laptops start at $150 and they are completely upgraded, fully functional and ready to get to work!  We sell Toshiba Laptops, HP Laptops, Dell, Asus, Gateway, Compaq and more!  Stop by or call 409-839-8404, to see what is available!

New Laptops for sale in Beaumont, TX

Southern Gold Honey

Low Cost Local Honey for Sale

We have the abolute lowest prices in all of Texas, for Southern Gold 100% pure local wildflower honey! You cannot get a lower price anywhere for this delicious and pure honey that is bottled in Vidor, Texas. Local, pure honey is good for so many things. I have had customers tell me that it is good for allergies, as facials, or used with other natural ingredients for high blood pressure and other ailments. We use it in coffee, tea, lemonade, cornbread, banana nut bread... you name it... we have used it! Anywhere you would use sugar, you can use honey! $5-$28!

Original Laptop Chargers - $40

We sell only original laptop chargers, not universal or generic brands! All of our chargers come with a full one year warranty. The chargers that we sell are the original chargers that come with laptop. We will help you match up the right charger to your laptop! Cost of the chargers are only $40. We sell Sony Chargers, HP Chargers, Compaq Chargers, Toshiba Chargers, Acer Chargers, Dell Chargers and more.

$40 HP, Compaw, Toshiba, ASUS Laptop Chargers for Sale

Inspirational  Message

Hatred for people is not of God! We hate the evil spirit! We hate the evil ways! We have hatred for all that is evil! There is nothing that is written that can justify anyone in hating another person! Don't be given to hating, while thinking you are approved of by God! The Lord Jesus gave a commandment to love your enemies, and to pray for them! Don't let anyone pull you into agreeing with them in hating someone. You must remember what the Lord commanded you to do; and, see to it that you obey Him, and not those who want you to hate like they do! The Lord Jesus Christ is your Savior! Don't laugh at people because those around you are laughing at them! You make your own choice about whom you will seek to please! Please the Lord by standing by what He commanded you! You don't need those kinds of people as friends! These are those who will be set on fire of Hell, in the first place! You don't need to be accepted by those in the devil's camp; and, they are many! The Lord will give you true friends when you reject the friendship of the wicked! Amen!

Blessings for Those Who Give!

Support the Ministry!  Not everyone can be the one who goes out to Minister the Word to the people.  But we all have our part in helping Spread the Word!  It is not only about being a help to the Ministry, but a way to receive a blessing from God by giving to those who labor in the field!

Support the Ministry
Website Designer and SEO Services

Website Designer and SEO Service

We desire that you prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers.  Let us help you get your business listed Online with a high quality inexpensice website!  Plans start at $100 and only $40 a year!

La Tienda De Computadoras en Beaumont, TX

La Tienda De Computadoras

Bienvenidos!  Arreglamos la computadoras para $45.  Chequeos gratuitos!  Se habla Espanol!  Estamos abiertos de Lunes a Viernes 9-5 y Sabado 9-12.

Graphic Designer and LOGO Maker

LOGOS, Flyers and Graphic Designs

Need flyers, brochures, resumes or logos created?  Call Felicia Cruz- graphic designer and let her help you get the logo that you need for your organization!

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Phone: (409) 839-8404
1735 College St
Beaumont, TX 77701